Why Us

Why a Moving Company for Senior Citizens?

Seniors have lived in their home for a lifetime. They’ve raised families and are surrounded by special memories, precious heirlooms, and family history. Suddenly the home they once loved is now overwhelming with responsibilities and difficult to live in. When a decision is made for a senior to relocate to a smaller home that’s right for them, seniors need assistance and lots of it.  It is an experience unlike any other in your life.  It is about letting go of things and memories.

Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services was born from the owners’ first-hand experience while moving her mom.  She quickly discovered that seniors move differently, they downsize. It’s a time when tough decisions must be made about a lifetime of possessions.

What do you keep, sell, giveaway, or donate?

The downsizing process can be overwhelming, emotional, and paralyzing.  There is a myriad of tasks to coordinate.  This could require many companies to complete. Seniors can feel especially emotional and vulnerable during this time.  Precious treasured family heirlooms are irreplaceable.  What do you do with the items not going with you?  Who do you trust?   Smooth Mooove is the full service, turnkey answer.  We take pride in providing every service needed when downsizing or relocating a senior.

From sorting and packing to home transport and hoarder assistance, we are here to help.  Don’t see a service you need?  Call us, we are here to help. 

Each employee is professionally trained in our facility to handle the most delicate items. Our team is trained to listen and communicate clearly to the special needs of our customers. We do everything to ensure that our seniors feel compassion, empathy, care and concern.    We pride ourselves on providing outstanding compassionate, service.


Great grandfather, Luke Wellmaker, was the first African-American mover in Atlanta, Georgia. Moved first customer in 1900.  The business honors his contributions to the community and entrepreneur spirit.


Thanks Mom

Adrienne’s mother, Shirley Funderburg, was the driving force behind the start of the business.  Her move from Georgia to Michigan was the spark that ignited the flame in Adrienne to serve seniors.  When mom was settled in Michigan she became the first marketer for Smooth Mooove by telling all her friends how wonderful and stress free the experience had been.  The business exists because of her great love of family and the support she provided.



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