Treasure Butler Storage Service in Metro Atlanta

Warm weather is around the corner in Metro Atlanta. It may be Time for some Spring Cleaning!

Did you know that Spring cleaning historically has dates to target and that time is nearly upon us?  This yearly cleaning starts anywhere from the 1rst of March and runs all the way through the end of April.  We are here to help you with our Treasure Butler Storage Service throughout metro Atlanta if you need to empty out the basement or attic.   

So, let’s get to it. What to look forward to is fresh new air in your living space.  If you need some help, Smooth Mooove is always here to help.  Maybe you are looking to downsize and want us to be your personal concierge in getting that process started. Just give us a heads up.  If this is the case, let’s just start getting rid of the clutter and any unwanted personal items. We will ask you what is really of value to you and everything else can just go! Junk it or sell it.  Maybe you have been saying to yourself, “I have been collecting too much over the years.” Don’t worry, we customize every one of our customer’s experience.  Nothing like out with the old and in with a new feeling for this year’s Spring and Summer.

At Smooth Mooove we will meet you wherever you are in metro Atlanta with our Treasure Butler Storage Service.   We can help you decide if you want a regular Spring freshen up or rather maybe you want us to get our hands really dug in by bringing out our team of expert organizers and perhaps get a dumpster to easily get those old or unwanted items out of your house.  Any size of job is our game. 

And if you are wanting to move or downsize in the future, this is a great start.  We offer free estimates and phone consultations so get with us and we are on it.

Again, remember us in any event as we specialize in so much.  We are here for our Seniors who want a little extra help.  We will give you top-tier service every time you call. That is our guarantee. So let’s get to Smooth Moving it with our Treasure Butler Storage Service in Metro Atlanta!

Smooth Move Senior Location Services
2136 W. Park Pl. Blvd. Suite K-L
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Phone (678) 476-6666
Fax (770) 558-6873


Smooth Mooove specialists helping older people move

Moving can be traumatic, especially for older people leaving a permanent home because they must move, rather than because they want to move.

We provide patience, understanding and service that make the experience as pleasant and reassuring as possible. You don’t need to worry about boxes, storage, or all the other details that come with moving. We pack belongings, clear out the home being vacated, and arrange storage or shipment if desired.

At the new home we safely transfer items, assemble furniture, hang pictures and shower curtains, dust if necessary, and remove any trash.  This will provide a great start to a new home for someone who may need increased safety, more in-depth health care, and opportunities to make new friends and enjoy fun activities.

We’re eager to help. 678-476-6666

Smooth Mooove follows all COVID-19 safety protocols

Smooth Mooove employees obey all protocols recommended for avoiding COVID-19 –gloves, masks, shoe covers, frequent hand-washing and equipment cleaning, and social distancing whenever possible, to name just a few examples.

We remain open and available to you during normal business hours. 


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