Tips to Help Horders

The hoarder must first ask for help. Never take action when the hoarder is not around.


  • Establish a relationship of trust.
  • Help them maintain a sense of control over the situation.
  • Appeal to their intelligence and desire to do the right thing.
  • Help them set goals including where to start, defining a sequence of events and establish boundaries, limits and time frames.
  • Offer physical help and emotional support.
  • Be persistent, patient and praise all efforts.

Ask the hoarder to stop shopping. Start small with 2 bags of trash a day, if possible.

Use the 3 container system

  • Set out 3 large plastic containers
  • Keep -Charity -To Go/Trash
  • Each week clear each container, put items away and start again

If excess items are useable, get the hoarder to understand that there are others doing without that would love to have their excess items.


  • Underestimate their intelligence.
  • Expect miracles overnight
  • Do surprise clean-ups


The process takes time because the hoarder MUST do it themselves or with minimal assistance.

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