The Time is Now for Georgia Seniors to protect themselves from COVID-19 AND arrange for a Safe & Smooth Mooove into a Retirement Community Facility!

COVID-19 Safety for Georgia Seniors

The Time is Now to provide COVID-19 Safety for Georgia Seniors and arrange for a Safe & Smooth Mooove into a Retirement Community Facility!

In recent weeks it has become abundantly clear that the COVID-19 Virus will be with us for quite a while.   The time is Now to help our Georgia Seniors move into a Retirement Community facility that offers protection from the virus and many other benefits for seniors eager to avoid exposure to the COVID-19 Virus.

A Retirement Community facility will not only provide housing but also meals if you wish. You can meet other residents and participate in on-site activities that will ease the isolation brought on by the quarantine.

And a Retirement Community facility will have medical staff and an emphasis on health, cleanliness and safety to protect against the coronavirus, which preys especially on older people. Enjoy security, comfort and convenience free from COVID-19!

Simply pick out the Retirement Community facility that is right for you or your loved one and Smooth Mooove will take care of all the details.  You can count on Smooth Mooove. Our company has been Georgia’s Preferred Senior Relocation, Downsizing, and Moving Company for Since 2002!

Call us: 678-476-6666. Free information, free estimates.

Helping to protect our Georgia Seniors from exposure to the COVID-19 Virus in the Atlanta Area. 

Our many years of experience make Smooth Moove the experts on sensitively helping seniors move into new homes and successfully deal with issues that come with downsizing.

We are thoughtful and compassionate, taking time to hear and understand the senior’s wishes before we draw up a proposal for your review.   We provide every service needed for a move. We pack belongings, clear out the home being vacated, and arrange storage or shipment if needed.

At the new home we expertly transfer the belongings and do much more. We carefully assemble your furniture, hang pictures and shower curtains, dust if necessary, and remove any trash.

It’s all part of our mission: Provide our elders with well-deserved empathy and helping hands.   We’re eager to answer your call. 678-476-6666

We provide COVID-19 Safety for Georgia Seniors throughout the Atlanta GA Area:

Smooth Mooove understands that moving can be traumatic, especially for older people leaving a permanent home because they must, rather than because they want to move.

We provide patience, understanding and service that make the experience as pleasant and reassuring as possible. We meet beforehand to properly plan the move, we provide an estimate, and we are punctual.

Our team will arrive with all the equipment needed to properly transfer the property and to help you settle into your new home. We love to move seniors and our team will ensure COVID-19 Safety for Georgia Seniors.

Smooth Mooove is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

Please contact us at (678) 476-6666 or visit our quick online estimate to discuss how we can make your next move a Smooth Mooove!