Military group, Georgia mover are partners when it comes to helping older people move with dignity, peace of mind

ATLANTA, Ga. — Smooth Mooove is proud to announce that CONVOYER has chosen to partner with us in helping families manage the unique needs required when moving older loved ones.

CONVOYER is a network of military veterans that provides trusted travel mobility services.

CONVOYER is teaming up with Smooth Mooove because it was deeply impressed by the moving company’s founder and CEO, Adrienne Peppler, and her determination to provide compassionate moving services to older people.

“We were immediately drawn to her passion and motivation behind her service,” CONVOYER said. “Adrienne’s great grandfather, Luke Wellmaker, was the first African-American mover in Atlanta, Ga., and Adrienne honored her entrepreneurial lineage by founding Smooth Mooove when experiencing the challenge of moving her mother.”

That challenge convinced Ms. Peppler that seniors needed a single solution when moving – someone who would handle not just packing and transportation, but also help with cleaning, shipping and storage, smart disposal of excess belongings, and assistance when moving into the new home. Smooth Mooove’s compassionate approach extends to even hanging shower curtains and assembling furniture for older citizens.

Ms. Peppler said she created her Georgia-based company in 2002 because she saw so many older people who needed assistance when moving.  “The moving industry is fragmented. We provide every service a loving family member would provide,” she said.

Smooth Mooove, like CONVOYER, gives families peace of mind when they need it most.

CONVOYER recruits, screens and selects experienced military veterans and matches them with clients who want to be accompanied on their travels. CONVOYER’s service gives clients and their loved ones peace of mind and confidence during travel.  “Our military training, the missions we executed in uniform and the missions we execute today for our customers are all done in teams, partnerships of capabilities coming together in a common effort,” CONVOYER said.

CONVOYER’s partnership is part of Smooth Mooove’s mission to provide our elders with compassionate service, sincere empathy and helping hands.

For more details, call Smooth Mooove at 678-476-6666.

 Smooth Mooove Relocation Service has been Georgia’s Preferred Senior Relocation, Downsizing, and Moving Company since 2002!

 Smooth Mooove is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

Smooth Mooove specialists helping older people move

Smooth Mooove follows all COVID-19 safety protocols

Smooth Mooove employees obey all protocols recommended for avoiding COVID-19 –gloves, masks, shoe covers, frequent hand-washing and equipment cleaning, and social distancing whenever possible, to name just a few examples.

We remain open and available to you during normal business hours. 


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