Smooth Mooove offers “No Contact Moving” in Georgia for moving seniors to new homes.

Smooth Mooove can provide valuable help when you must make the hard but necessary decision to move a loved one into a retirement community or nursing home.  And we can do it with “no contact moving,” a touch-free system operated by experienced, compassionate professionals.

Our experienced team can clean your loved one’s current home, transport all the belongings to the new home, and move everything into it. We will carefully assemble furniture, hang pictures and shower curtains, dust if necessary, and remove any trash.

We simply need your keys and instructions.

It’s part of the service offered by Smooth Mooove Relocation Service, which has been Georgia’s Preferred Senior Relocation, Downsizing, and Moving Company since 2002!

Those 18 years of experience have taught us how to deal successfully with the many potential challenges of moving older people in a variety of circumstances.

Call us: 678-476-6666, for free information and a free estimate.

In Georgia, no contact moving is a Smooth Mooove

We can perform a no contact move in a very short time span.

While you take your loved one to lunch or for a ride, we can move belongings to the new location and have it looking homey and comfortable when you arrive!

It’s all part of our mission to provide our elders with compassionate service, sincere empathy and helping hands.

This dedication is a reason why so many senior facilities recommend Smooth Mooove for making delicate transitions for aged parents and other loved ones.


Smooth Mooove is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

Smooth Mooove specialists helping older people move

Moving can be traumatic, especially for older people leaving a permanent home because they must move, rather than because they want to move.

We provide patience, understanding and service that make the experience as pleasant and reassuring as possible. You don’t need to worry about boxes, storage, or all the other details that come with moving. We pack belongings, clear out the home being vacated, and arrange storage or shipment if desired.

At the new home we safely transfer items, assemble furniture, hang pictures and shower curtains, dust if necessary, and remove any trash.  This will provide a great start to a new home for someone who may need increased safety, more in-depth health care, and opportunities to make new friends and enjoy fun activities.

We’re eager to help. 678-476-6666

Smooth Mooove follows all COVID-19 safety protocols

Smooth Mooove employees obey all protocols recommended for avoiding COVID-19 –gloves, masks, shoe covers, frequent hand-washing and equipment cleaning, and social distancing whenever possible, to name just a few examples.

We remain open and available to you during normal business hours. 

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