Online Auctions

Ever find yourself needing to declutter and have no idea what to do with your stuff? 

We have the solution!

How it Works

How do you handle the sale of your family home if you are over 65 and need to downsize? The answer is that we can help. There are many alternative ways to sell your property. One way is through an online auction which is a big trend right now.

When you visit an online auction site, you’ll see a list of items that are up for auction. Each item will have a starting bid price and a ending bid price. You can view the current bid price and the time left to bid on each item. To place a bid, you’ll need to create an account and login. Once you’re logged in, you can click on the item you want to bid on and enter your bid amount. If you’re the highest bidder when the auction ends, you’ll win the item and be responsible for paying for it.

Benefits of Online Auctions for Seniors

There are many benefits to participating in an online auction, especially for seniors in the Atlanta metro area. By participating in an auction, seniors can: - Save money on items they need or want - Get rid of items they no longer need or want - Meet other people who share their interests - Have fun! Auctions can be a great way for seniors to declutter their homes and save money on items they need or want. They can also be a fun way to meet other people who share their interests.