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Seniors have lived in their home for a lifetime. They’ve raised families and are surrounded by special memories, precious heirlooms, and family history. Suddenly the home they once loved is now overwhelming with responsibilities and difficult to live in. When a decision is made for a senior to relocate to a smaller home that’s right for them, seniors need assistance and lots of it.  It is an experience unlike any other in your life.  It is about letting go of things and memories.

Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services was born from the owners’ first-hand experience while moving her mom.  She quickly discovered that seniors move differently, they downsize. It’s a time when tough decisions must be made about a lifetime of possessions.

Residential Movers

As you prepare for your relocation, feel confident that we will do our best to reduce the risk of exposure. We have educated our employees, partners, and network and have implemented a plan for a safe moving experience.

Treasure Butler Storage

We are here to help you with our Treasure Butler Storage Service throughout metro Atlanta if you need to empty out the basement or attic.

Residential Movers For Seniors

Before we begin the move, we will meet with you and your family or friends to work out the details of your move. We are specially trained in the handling of valuable heirlooms, and can assure our seniors that their special items will be treated with utmost care. Whether you are moving to a new home, condo or retirement community, you need a company that can take on any type or size of job specific for your needs. No two moving jobs are exactly the same. Our flexible system lets you get the right services you need for any size job.

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