It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!

Smooth Mooove is your complete solution for working with hoarders. We have years of experience in understanding the condition and unique needs of hoarders.

Services include:

  • Free Estimates
  • Free Telephone or Email Consultation (Nationwide)
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Complete Hoarding Clean Up – Occupied or Vacant
  • Delivery of Roll-off Trash Containers
  • Delivery of Storage Containers and Filing Boxes for Paperwork
  • Tailored Cleaning Services for Your Individual Wants and Needs
  • Follow up Care and Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Cleaning
  • Donation of Unwanted Items to a Charity of Your Choice
  • Clutter Organization

What is Compulsive Hoarding?

Compulsive Hoarding includes ALL three of the following:

  • A person collects and keeps a lot of items that appear to have little or no value
  • These items clutter the living spaces and keep the person from using their rooms as they were intended
  • These items cause distress or problems in day-to-day activities

Hoarding VS Collecting

Hoarder Home

Collector Home

Signs of Compulsive Hoarding

Typical behaviors seen in compulsive hoarding include:

  • Saving far more items than are needed or can be used
  • Avoidance of throwing items away
  • Avoidance of making decisions
  • Excessive shopping
  • Collecting “other peoples stuff”
  • Avoidance of putting possessions into storage areas such as closets, drawers, or files

What Makes Getting Rid of Clutter Difficult for Hoarders

  • Difficulty organizing
  • Positive feelings (delight ,joy) with new items
  • Negative feelings (anger, guilt) when getting rid of items
  • Denial of the problem
  • Feeling responsible for items, inanimate objects have feelings


Tips to Help a Hoarder


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