Give yourself some joy with Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services!

Everybody’s atmosphere affects them. It is the same for you. Does the look of the neighborhood appeal to you and make you feel at home? Inside, is the lighting perfect? Are the appliances in a convenient place? Got a car? Then you might need a carport or garage.  Do you feel you can be at your personal peak? Energetic and ready to go?  If so, then it may be green lights all of the way.   These elements combined create a peaceful joy if positioned well. That is why we at Smoooth Move Senior Location Services encourage you to find just the perfect location.  Here are some tips when you are out on your search to find that bliss.

Many communities offer classes.  This allows you to stretch yourself, learn a new craft, or enjoy a new book for the book club. Most importantly, it allows you to meet your new neighbors. 

Measure up the Property
Perhaps you are moving from an exceptionally large house with lots of yard, trees, and acreage.  This alone can create some shock when downsizing.  Look for communities that offer just what you need.  Be sure to get a good feel for just how much of that green you want and just go for it when you find it! The good news is that it is hassle free, letting you enjoy a beautifully maintained property. That’s the bright side. Yes, you are free!

Get sweatin’
If you have been active or want to start, bravo! Prioritize neighborhoods that provide opportunities to “get in step.” Are you a tennis player? Be on the lookout for tennis courts where you can swing that racket.

Woof woof. Got a dog? Get your pooch on a stroll by finding locations with walking trails and ponds for a quick hound splash.

Don’t forget the dip for the summer. Pools are so nice to enjoy day and beautiful spring and summer nights.  Ahhh, the fresh air.

Be picky about your next fabulous slice of life. Then call us at Smoooth Move Senior Location Services and we will get you there easily and in style.

Who needs joy? We all do.
Expect it! Choose it! MOOOVE it! 

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