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Estate Sales and Home Liquidation Services

Sure, it is emotional thinking of all of the years you have been living in your current home. Of course, the memories come flooding into your mind.  But now it is time for a change and you need to downsize.  If you are moving, look at it this way, a change in environment brings new friends and experiences.  Even if you are staying in the same place, out with the old and in with your new fresh spacious surrounding. Let’s get busy!

At each Estate Sale we will accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover. 

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Estate Sales Vs. Consignment

Would you want to learn about different options on home liquidation of assets? It is never a better time than now to begin. We at Smooth Mooove Senior Location Services want to ensure that present, past, and future customers can depend on us to educate them about all parts of the industry. In this blog we will discuss information, definitions, and pros and cons around liquidation and selling of a person’s assets through three options Estate Sales, Consignment, or Online mechanisms. What can be sold? It could be furniture, clothing, everything down to the house and car. Again, there are different directions to consider.  Why not get started now?

Typically, most people are familiar with Estate Sales or Auctions. But just to be sure look at in the simplest terms.  Typically, this type of sale takes place when a person is recently deceased and his or her estate needs to be liquidated in its entirety. 


Some people opt for a Consignment Sales model. For example, antique malls, art galleries, or any business that will be a partner in selling goods or assets on behalf of others may come to mind. The customer (owner of the goods to be sold) signs an agreement saying that when the asset is sold be it furniture, fine China, art, or jewelry, the customer will be paid at that time less a fee that it took to sell it which goes to the business that sold the goods.

Estate Sales in Atlanta Georgia

Estate Sales are a great solution when an individual needs to move and wants to “get rid of stuff” before they go to their new living space. Estate Sales are for personal and not business assets. These sales are typically promoted by a chosen company running the sale. Word of mouth, flyers, and classified ads are examples of how these sales are promoted. These types of sales or auctions promote a day and time of which it will take place. The public is given a day or so to visit and see what will be sold. Then the auction is on at the promoted day and time. The benefit to the seller is that these sales, as opposed to say consignment or tagged sales have a better chance of liquidating all assets as opposed to a few. People come ready to buy, so this is a widely used option.

Online Auctions

Many folks these days are even taking the next step and using online auctions. The seller goes to the chosen site and lists the item to be auctioned off. Then the bidding starts online and the buyer can be in a coffee shop or in the comfort of their own home and stay on top of what price the item is being bid at the time. To purchase the item the bidder must place a bid for the amount of money they are willing to pay. Then bingo, maybe the bidder wins, but rest assured the seller will get the cash in pocket. Someone has to win, so good luck and happy bidding.