Coronavirus Moving Service for the Elderly

While the Coronavirus outbreak poses health risks for everyone, officials have made it clear that the elderly are particularly vulnerable.  As we have learned in recent weeks, a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington had one of the very first confirmed U.S. clusters of Coronavirus ( aka Covid-19 ).  They have already confirmed the death of 19 residents.  Tragic!  As a result, other many retirement communities are putting strict restrictions in place to limit residents’ risk of exposure to infection. The experienced team of professionals at Smooth Mooove is pleased to offer Coronavirus Moving Services for the Elderly at this critical time of national emergency.

Should people consider a Coronavirus Moving Service for their elderly family members out of their retirement community?

The guidance from government officials is continuing to change day by day, as we learn more about how the virus is behaving in the community. In this case, some state and local government officials recommend that you contact the retirement community and find out about the precautions they have in place. There are infection control procedures that every retirement community is required to follow, and you can request to be notified what they are. In certain states, where there is higher concentration of outbreaks, there is guidance from the state department of public health, which may vary by locality.

Most importantly, if the you have a loved one that is already in a retirement community, you just want to verify that these communities are following proper precautions.  At this time of national emergency, you may wish to balance the care that your elderly can get in a facility versus if you took them home for a few months.  You might be able to temporarily provide the care they need and we can help with our Coronavirus Moving Service for seniors.  Keep a close eye on what is happening in your particular community, your particular state, and follow the department of health guidance.

How can people stay connected with their elderly family members during a time of restrictions on visits?

Social connections with family and friends are very important and this is a time where retirement communities may be restricting visitors due to the risk of infection. But there are other ways of staying in touch. This is a time where we may go back to the old-fashioned ways of communication. This means making telephone calls more frequently. Don’t forget, there’s video conferencing available to use and sharing of photographs through social media, so you can stay in touch so that your loved ones do not feel isolated or disconnected.

Just because you can’t visit your loved ones doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. There are delivery services for things like flowers and groceries, just to say I’m thinking of you. Don’t forget about mail. These days we forget that a handwritten card, a letter sent to your loved one, might give us a result. The nice part about it is that you can read it over and over again to remind yourself that people care about you.

To learn more about our Coronavirus Moving and Relocation Service for seniors, please contact us at (678) 476-6666 or visit our website and lets discuss how our experienced team can help ensure that your overall experience with Coronavirus Relocation for Seniors is a Smooth Mooove!

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