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Moving is one of the most stressful events for anyone at any age. Smooth Move specializes in senior relocation services. Why not receive a little extra TLC when downsizing and moving? That is why they exist, to take the stress factor away. The great people at the company are there from planning to the big day. Their history in the area and their earned reputation makes them easily,  The Best in Town.

Downsizing for Seniors in Georgia

To help you along, we at Smooth Mooove want to give you some tips and hints on Downsizing for Seniors.

Get a Downsizing System in place

When you downsize, sure you are simplifying your life, but there are extra benefits. You are releasing emotional attachments to items, organizing, and creating a safer space.  Here are some systems you can think about as you plan.

Declutter-Get rid of it!

If you don’t have an emotional attachment to something, just get rid of it. This will get your noggin thinking the right way about other items. It will also allow you more clarity surrounding possessions that are important to you.


It will make you feel great when you donate unwanted items to a non-profit. Like you did, it is nice to have someone else value them. These items will have a new life in a new place.  We can help from start to finish.


If you are moving, document your current space using pictures and notes. It will help you set up your new space because it will give you reminders of how things looked before.

Consider the new space and all of its details

If you are moving, be sure to take into consideration things such as the amenities and size of your new place. These can even include security needs or any physical needs.  Perhaps you are moving from a house to an apartment, this will guide you on how much you need to downsize. In other words, consider how big or small the new place is. 

Get some help from a team with experience in Downsizing for Seniors!

Smooth Mooove Specializes in Helping Seniors Relocate

No need for you to visit with them in their office. They come to you on location to assess your personal situation. Then they are off to the races executing your individualized plan. They will organize, pack, and deliver. They will know how to get your plan done to perfection because the “Smooth Movers” will have already traveled to your new living space to design the best strategy so that it will feel just like home. They offer that special touch so that you will feel amazingly comfortable with your decision to hire them.

Smooth Move has been recognized as being a superior option in the industry. This is not just by their customer’s reviews. Smooth Move was accolated by The Atlanta Tribune in The Best of Atlanta issue. Entrepreneur magazine gave the nod to the company in the 100 Brilliant Companies publication. They are proud of their accomplishments, and they should be. This is just the beginning of the list. With just a mouse click you can see all of their amazing services, customer reviews, and recognitions.

No doubt the company provides excellent service and is The Best In Town! So how about reducing 100% of the stress? Why not? Contact Smooth Move today and arrange for their visit. Never hire anything but the best. Yes, you deserve The Best in Town!

The “Smooth Movers” will get you rolling in record speed time! So just feel relieved and say, “ahhh.”

Smooth Move Senior Location Services
2136 W. Park Pl. Blvd. Suite K-L
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Phone (678) 476-6666
Fax (770) 558-6873

Smooth Mooove follows all COVID-19 safety protocols

Smooth Mooove employees obey all protocols recommended for avoiding COVID-19 –gloves, masks, shoe covers, frequent hand-washing and equipment cleaning, and social distancing whenever possible, to name just a few examples.

We remain open and available to you during normal business hours. 


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