Local Small Business Owner Shares her Entrepreneurial Success Story with the Atlanta Women’s Foundation

Adrienne Simpson, President and Founder of Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services, recognizes the special needs of downsizing seniors and their families. She shared the inspirational story of how she founded her small business with attendees of the 9th Annual Economic Justice for Women Reception held at Atlanta’s Grand Hyatt Buckhead. The reception, sponsored by the Atlanta Women’s Foundation and featuring a keynote speech by entrepreneur and philanthropist Mrs. Sheila Johnson, recognized the importance of a commitment to the economic power of women.

With her own resources and the expertise she learned from the Women’s Economic Development Agency (WEDA), an Atlanta-area organization that provides business development and management, Ms. Simpson launched her own business. The inspiration for Ms. Simpson’s business came while preparing to move her mother from Georgia to Michigan and the firsthand discovery of the unique challenges that come with relocating a senior citizen. From organizing and packing to estate sales and item donations, Ms. Simpson experienced an overwhelming process that needed to be streamlined and immediately saw the opening for a new business opportunity.


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Minding Her Business

“When it came time for my 70-year-old mother to move, she needed help figuring out what to bring, sell and give away. I couldn’t find movers that assisted with prep and unpacking, so I did it all, from organizing an estate sale, to shipping designated items to family members and charities, to hanging pictures in the new place. Mom bragged to friends about how she didn’t life a finger, and my phone started ringing with requests to help other elderly people move.

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Driven to Solo Success

Six years ago, after being downsized out of two director of operations jobs that she loved, and unable to find a new position, Adrienne Simpson, a single mom from Atlanta, fell into a depression. “I just shut down,” she admits. But she know she had to pull herself out of it when she noticed her 12-year-old daughter falling with her. On their own for a decade, mother and daughter had always cited “girl power” as their source of strength. “Once day she said to me, ‘Mom, what about girl power?’” recalls Adrienne, now 53. In that moment, she know she couldn’t let her daughter see her defeated.

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Moving On Up

Most business owners measure success by revenues and profits. But for Adrienne Simpson, owner of Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services in Stone Mountain, Georgia, success has more to do with the number of people she can help, whether it’s seniors relocating to retirement communities or young people with less-then-stellar employment histories looking for work. “Business has to be about more than the money,” says Simpson.

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Featured as one of the best moving companies in Atlanta. This is a great honor and appreciate the recognition from Atlanta Tribune The Magazine.

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Featured as one of the top 100 brilliant companies in 2011. We appreciate the award and are honored by the recognition.

The Moving Process

The Moving Process Our process begins with listening to your wants and needs together, creating a project plan. We have the professional staff to prepare you home for relocation. We can provide the expert staff to clean, sort, and organize your home. On packing day, the packers will arrive to prepare your household for transport. They will carefully pack your household items into transport boxes to ensure the careful transport of your belongings. The packers will mark certain cartons, like the ones that contain essential items, to load last and unload first. They want to make sure you get up and running in your new home with ease. Our relocation managers are trained to know how to coordinate every aspect of your move. But more importantly, they’re selected because they have a natural sense of caring for families in transition.

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