7 Steps to Downsizing for Seniors

Sure, it is emotional thinking of all of the years you have been living in your current home. Of course, the memories come flooding into your mind.  But now it is time for a change and you need to downsize.  If you are moving, look at it this way, a change in environment brings new friends and experiences.  Even if you are staying in the same place, out with the old and in with your new fresh spacious surrounding. Look on the bright side. It’s all net. Let’s get busy!

Downsizing for Seniors in Georgia

To help you along, we at Smooth Mooove want to give you some tips and hints on Downsizing for Seniors.

Get a Downsizing System in place

When you downsize, sure you are simplifying your life, but there are extra benefits. You are releasing emotional attachments to items, organizing, and creating a safer space.  Here are some systems you can think about as you plan.

Declutter-Get rid of it!

If you don’t have an emotional attachment to something, just get rid of it. This will get your noggin thinking the right way about other items. It will also allow you more clarity surrounding possessions that are important to you.


It will make you feel great when you donate unwanted items to a non-profit. Like you did, it is nice to have someone else value them. These items will have a new life in a new place.  We can help from start to finish.


If you are moving, document your current space using pictures and notes. It will help you set up your new space because it will give you reminders of how things looked before.

Consider the new space and all of its details

If you are moving, be sure to take into consideration things such as the amenities and size of your new place. These can even include security needs or any physical needs.  Perhaps you are moving from a house to an apartment, this will guide you on how much you need to downsize. In other words, consider how big or small the new place is. 

Get some help from a team with experience in Downsizing for Seniors!

Smooth Mooove Specializes in Helping Seniors Move

We are not going to be bashful in suggesting a company.  How about us? We can help you from head to toe. We will help you declutter and downsize to perfection. This will also eliminate added stress and fatigue.  It might even make the process fun! Why? At Smooth Mooove we love to have a good time. Whistle while you work is one of our mantras. We love to get to know our clients and understand their personal needs.

Consider what to store. Here are some thoughts.
If you are wanting to store things in a storage facility, great idea. Moving items yourself can be draining.  We at Smooth Mooove can help. We will lift the load.  For example, if you are moving and memorabilia is something you want to keep but it won’t fit in your new place, store it. Be sure to think of those very sentimental items that you might want to pass down to your loved ones.

Oversized Items
Consider moving larger items into storage. This will create more space, will help you move around better, and make everything safer! Nothing like downsizing.

Are you a Hoarder? Get ahead of things.
We help Hoarders get rid of things, declutter, and downsize all of the time. The extra benefit is that if you start now, you will have more time to enjoy. If you are moving, you will have more time to plan.

Don’t just get a good deep clean, get a GREAT deep clean!
If you are looking to get a deep clean, there is no better time to declutter and downsize. Once all of the trash is gone, items moved, donated, gifted, or stored, it is a great time to deep clean. Decluttering and downsizing first will make a good deep clean a five star, amazing deep clean.

Believe us! Once you downsize you will find some Zen.  Here are more details on our downsizing services at Smooth Mooove!

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